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Geom-e-Tree™ 1.3

Geom-e-Twee™ 1.3

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Portland, Oregon - April 22, 2013 - John Miller has released updates for Geom-e-Tree & Geom-e-Twee, two "Immersive Tree-Drawing Apps for Curious Minds" for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The new version of Geom-e-Tree has over 40 themes.

Briefly, Miller changed two gestures, and doubled the number of themes (40+) you can apply. The new gestures make the app easier to use; the additional themes give you a lot of new geom-e-tree space to explore.

Miller says: We added not just new themes, but new kinds of themes: themes that vary line width as well as line length, themes that draw thousands of dots at the nodes of the Tree instead of drawing branches, themes that draw nodes and branches, themes that draw nodes that vary in size, themes that draw circles at the midpoints of invisible branches, plus several other kinds of themes!

July, 2011 - John Miller has released updates for Geom-e-Tree & Geom-e-Twee, two "Immersive Tree-Drawing Apps for Curious Minds" for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. These new versions allow the user to choose themes that instantly change the appearance and behavior of the active tree.

As in the original version, Geom-e-Tree allows users to manipulate tree-like forms on the display using simple gestures. Hundreds of trees can be added to an "Arboretum" where they can be viewed or recalled to the active space. Trees can also be saved in Photos or sent in Mail.

Aside from its entertainment value, Geom-e-Tree will hold intellectual appeal for mathematicians and scientists, artists and designers, educators and students. Users just need to be curious, visual, creative, or meditative - and ready for some unpredictable results.

For children, Miller designed a simplified version called Geom-e-Twee. It also allows "Twees" to be saved or sent.

Miller patterned the apps after an animated film he made in 1980 at Lewis & Clark College based on computer-generated binary trees. "The magic of multi-touch technology has brought these trees to life," said Miller.

Thousands picked up Tree and Twee Version 1.0 and have been updating since the 1.2 releases. Educators are beginning to take notice of its potential.

Many thousands more picked up Tree and Twee for Free during a summer give-a-way as Apple featured Geom-e-Tree as a Staff Favorite in the Education category.

Version 1.2 Adds Themes. The new versions add a variety of "themes" for drawing trees. Some themes use rainbow colors, some black and white, while other themes pulse color through the branches whenever the tree is touched. Themes are more than just color schemes, they are combinations of eight or more parameters that produce pleasing effects, and allow the apps to be enjoyed on a range of devices.

Geom-e-Tree 1.2 has twenty themes to choose from, while Geom-e-Twee has seven! The "psych-e-delic" themes are available only in the grown-up version, Geom-e-Tree. All themes are supported in Geom-e-Tree's Arboretum so that saved trees awake in theme.

Both apps have a new Themes tab for easily selecting a theme that then instantly changes the appearance of the active tree. We have scarcely begun to investigate these new themes ourselves!

Both apps also now remember the current tree and theme when a device is powered off.

Author's Statement

Geom-e-Tree is a perfect combination of Technology, Math, & Art. It doesn't just Draw a geometric tree — it shows a it morphing from one pose to another in response to specific gestures. I think Tree and Twee will be a memorable experience for many young people, just as the Kaleidoscope, the Etch-a-Sketch, and Rubik's Cube were for other generations.

Press Kit

We hope the following reference material will answer any questions.

Marketing Dilemma

People seem to see TREE featured in the Education section of the App Store, then see that TWEE (also by John Miller) is FREE, and then get only Twee. We want kids to have Twee, but we need revenue to support our work. We will never put iAds in our apps. We have other apps and we are in this for the long term. All mentions help!!

Extensive Supplemental Information

Not to miss! Watch Videos showing different aspects of Geom-e-Tree.

Examples of the wild variety of patterns these apps can produce:

Activities, exercises, and problems for the intrepid (a Work In Progress):

You can visit a gallery that shows off the New Themes that were added in Version 1.3.

There are earlier comparisons of version 1.2 themes (dated) which are still available in Geom-e-Tree.

A help page is embedded in each App that tells how trees can be changed by gestures, and also gives details of each theme. You can review the Help pages on-line here:

We have compiled Frequently Asked Questions about each app:

If you are not going to try the app, consider watching YouTube: Geom-e-Tree in Action (5 min) to see the moves, tips, and demonstrations.

For more story material, see the History page on our web site.

Permission is granted to use the above High Res icons in any review or article published. Click either icon to get the 512x512 version. Icons by August Miller.

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